Rescue Zone - the app for boaties

We are a mobile app company based in Kapiti, New Zealand and Marseilles, France. We aim to re-invent Community and Safety at Sea.

  • Rescue Zone is the first social network for boaties
  • In case of trouble at sea, every minute counts, with Rescue Zone, a Search & Rescue operation becomes just a Rescue.

Meet the Team

We all come with different perspectives, expertise, experiences but we all share the same passion to make things thrive.

Jérôme Daste

New Zealand Director & CTO

Jerome has been in the software industry for over 20 years and has been boating in New Zealand for a decade. Having experienced breakdown at sea, he once had the idea to use his knowledge of both mobile technology and recreational fishing to develop the ultimate app that anyone with a mobile could use.

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Angelo Firman

Lead Developer

Angelo is a software engineer with almost 10 years of experience. His wealth of expertise in all spectrums of mobile technology made him the ideal candidate to lead the Rescue Zone project on Android and iPhone.